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  1. I currently work for part time on H-1B for 2 employers concurrently (16 hours for one employer and 24 hours for the other). I have 2 approved 797's from both these employers. I want to go back to India for my visa stamping sometime in the next couple of months. However, when I fill out my DS160, there is no way to specify 2 petitions/receipt numbers in the form. You can add a 2nd receipt number, but not for the same class of visa. When putting in the the 2nd receipt number for the 2nd H-1B, it gives me an error saying "Duplicated Purpose of Trip to U.S. provided. ". Also when I go on the US Embassy site to schedule my appointment, the system doesn't allow you to specify 2 receipt numbers as well. My question was, how do I go about scheduling an appointment when I am applying for 2 part time H-1B visas with the above constraints? Has anyone been in this situation before?