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  1. So if the transfer is filed on/before the 60th day, can I still remain in the US once my application is being processed? Or do I need to leave and come back?
  2. Hello, I am currently on H-1B cap-subject visa. I'm looking to change jobs and the potential employer is cap-exempt. My questions are: 1) Does the potential employer need to submit a new application or can I just transfer my visa? 2) How soon can I start working once transfer process is initiated? Or what is the timeline for the whole process? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I was let go from my job last month. I believe I have 60 days from last date of job to find new employment. In case I do not find a new job, I want to know what my options are? (This is plan B and I want to be prepared in case I do not find a new job in 60 days.) 1. After these 60 days, will I be "out of status" or will I have "unlawful presence"? What I mean is, how long can I legally stay in the US? 2. Should I change visa status? If so, should it be changed to student status or visitor status?