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    Transition Issues in H1B

    Hi, I have a situation. I was on H1B valid from Mid Feb 2017 to Mid Feb 2020. My last working day at my previous employer was April 1st. My current organization applied for an H1B transfer during April-May and I have received a receipt notice on May 2nd. Due to the start date situation according to the Organization have started to work on June 10. My grace period I would assume would have started April 2nd, keeping it mind a 60 days period until May 31st. However before leaving the employment at my previous employer, I have filed a H1B to H4 status as a dependent visa on my Husband’s H1B. As soon as I have received the receipt for H1B transfer , I have sent a withdrawal letter to USCIS with required information. I do not see any change in the online portal yet, I have called the USCIS customer care to see what the status was. They said they aren’t seeing anything . I do have the postal tracking and it have delivered the package. My question is, since my H1 an d H4 have not been approved yet, I have started working at my current employer. What is the possible outcome? I am worried if H4 might get approved before H1B. Please advice. Thanks.