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  1. Hi All, Can someone please suggest. My Situation: I have 1 year 4 months left from my 6 years duration. Now due to family issues, I need to go back to my home country but I will come back after 2 or 3 years. I My Questions: 1. What will happen to my H1? 2. Can I come back to US with same H1? 3. Do I need to have same employer to come back to US? 4. In India, if I work for a different employer (like Infosys or TCS) can they do H1 transfer while I am in India? 5. If my current employer revoked my current H1 as soon as I quit. Can different employer use Cap exempt or Do I need to apply for fresh H1? 6. What are the different ways to come back to US without going through the lottery system again? 7. How long can I be in the outside USA and apply for H1 with remaining left 1 year 4 months of duration ? is there time limit? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I have completed almost 5 years(58 months) in the USA on H1B and my max out is October 2020, and am planning to go to INDIA for good(Next month). But If I want to come back to the USA after 2 or 3 years is it possible to come with the current H1B? is there any time limit to come back to the USA or I can come back at any time as long as 6 years of current H1b is not used?