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  1. chimzmr78

    Mother's B2 visa mail-in renewal Admin processing

    Thank you everyone for your input. All you said here is very helpful for the next visa renewals. My mother received her visa last week and she will be able to visit me in the US next week. All the best 🙂
  2. Hello everyone, I am in a confusing situation regarding my mother's B2 visa Admin process that I would appreciate anyone's advice on this. I'm a PhD student in the US. Because of the heavy load of research I have to do all year round, my mother visited me every year for about 1 month during the summer. It has been going on for 5 years. For the last 4 years, she just mailed in her B2 visa application and got stamped within 4-5 business days, no problem. This year, she mailed it in as usual and got a letter saying she needed to attend an interview before the decision can be made and that her application falls under 221(g). Now, the only thing that's changed in this application compared to last years is that my cousin filled this one for her (my mother doesn't speak English) and my cousin filled in her wrong place of birth (different from her place of birth in previous years applications). She plans to go on the interview next week and I'm worried as what the reason for this call for interview might be. I'm not sure if its just the place of birth or something else. My mother has ties in my home country (including my sister still living and working there, my grandparents and her house). She never overstayed and had no problem renewing B2 visa before. Do you have any advice for me? Is 221(g) already a refusal and the interview is just for completeness? I'm not sure what to do to prepare her in this situation. Thank you.
  3. chimzmr78

    Mother's B2 visa mail-in renewal Admin processing

    My mother's visa was issued today. Thanks everyone for the help!
  4. chimzmr78

    Mother's B2 visa mail-in renewal Admin processing

    My mother had her interview today (she was busy and couldn't come last week). The VO asked only a few things, where is she staying and who is she visiting. She said she will stay with me and visit me. They also asked who does she live with in her home country. She said my sister, her parents and in-law parents (My father had passed away). And the last question is "there was one time you stayed almost 3 months in the US is that correct?" She said yes that was the one time she stayed longer to help me move from one state to another to start my PhD. That's it. Then her passport is kept at the Embassy. But her visa status online is still "amin processing", so I'm not sure if she got the visa or not. Do you think anything is red-flagged in this case? Thanks so much for your help.
  5. chimzmr78

    Mother's B2 visa mail-in renewal Admin processing

    Thank you very much for your comments. My mother's interview is tomorrow. She has prepared everything just in case, including my I-20 and housing document. Do you think there's anything else she should bring?