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    Need advice on H4 visa stamping

    Thanks for the reply. I think this is the trend now for COS, due to biometric requirements. I got my I-797c approval letter and my wife got biometric appointment for her CoS.
  2. Hello Thanks for providing the detailed info. I am currently on J1 (valid until Jan 2020) and my H1b got approved (cap exempt). Can I also get the H1b stamped at Mexico? This is first H1b and my I-140 is approved already. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello,I am currently on J-1 and my H1b got approved (cap exempt) with PP. My wife is on J-2 and her I -539 is still pending, we got I-797c for my wife’s application. My H1b is going to start on July 1st. Our J1/ J2 is valid until Jan 2020, with the same employer. We have our I-140 approved on EB1A. My questions are-1. If I start working on H1b on July 1st and my wife didn’t get her approval, will she become out of status?2. Family is planning for India-trip in July, need to attend family ceremonies. Anyway, my wife needs to get a visa stamp for H4. If she leaves the US before her I-539 approved, does it make a problem for H4 stamping? 3. Since this is her first H4 stamping (not an extension, previously we are on J1/J2), does it make any problem to getting a visa from the US consulate in India as our I-140 on EB1A is also approved? We didn’t file for the I-485 yet. Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks