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  1. I have two traffic tickets for which says Convicted Convicted of a Petty Misdemeanor Convicted Conviction deemed a Petty Misdemeanor pursuant to Minn. R. Crim. P 23.02 CASE 1: One for Speeding at 85 in 65 zone. offense was considered petty and convicted as petty Misdemeanor and i was fined $221 [No court appearance, court no arrest] CASE 2: Second was for driving with a cancelled license. I was not aware that my licence was cancelled and told the same when the cop pulled me over. He gave me a Ticket which said Misdemeanor and said it would be automatically cancelled if it was a Mistake. In MN people need to go for a status check even though the license has a different expiration date. I forgot about the status check . They probably send me a notice to my old address and i missed that because i was not staying there any more. I paid a fine of $279 [No court appearance, court no arrest] Now my Question is Should i fill in these details in the DS-160 where it says . "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime , even though subject of pardon, amnesty or similar action ?" Also would These Tickets cause any issue with my H1B stamping ? Please Help ..