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    F1 visa to H1B using old unused stamped H1B visa

    Thank you for your response. I had discussion with Dakshini lawyer. She told me I can use the old H1B visa.
  2. At present I am working in OPT ( expires in June 2020). I have an unused stamped H1B visa which I got in August’ 2013 and the visa was stamped on August,2014. However I never traveled/ worked with this H1B visa and expired in October’2016 without using or entry with this. I came to USA in January’2016 in F1 Visa and this year my present employer applied H1B visa but lottery not picked up.My question is can I use this unused stamped visa for cap exempt as transfer of employer from F1 visa to H1B visa now? or do I need to apply in Master’s cap next year. Please advise.