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  1. Hello all, My spouse is going for H4 visa interview on March 16th and 17th. Because of coronavirus chaos, should we reschedule the interview to a different time? Please assist
  2. Gov19

    H4 Visa Stamping

    Hello all, I need some information on what documents are needed for my spouse for her H4 Visa interview as well as some of the expected questions / same responses. My background: - finished my education in the united states - Worked for Employer A in OPT for about 2 years - Got married in the USA (at court) in June 2019 - Got H1b in 2019 October from Employer B (left Employer A and joined Employer B in October) - Haven't traveled to India since the completion of my education till date (so I don't have H1b stamp on my passport) My Spouse background: - did her MBA in USA - Utilized her 1 year OPT (worked for various clients) and left to India in Aug 2019 (as her OPT ended) - Going to H4 Visa interview in 2 weeks at Chennai We have referred to the common document checklist required for H4 visa interview and we have gathered following documents i.e. LCA, i129, i797, Employment Verification Letter, W2, Paystubs, Bank Statements Please assist us with the kind of interview questions that may be specific to her situation and also documentation required for her
  3. Gov19

    H1b RFE on STEM OPT

    as the impact would directly be on me, I would like to understand 1. How to address it? 2. What documents to provide? 3. Whom to get it from?
  4. Gov19

    H1b RFE on STEM OPT

    A detailed explanation and evidence regarding the STEM Training program that is provided to the beneficiary. Also discuss how the STEM employer is providing the appropriate STEM Training program to the beneficiary when the beneficiary is not working at the STEM employer's location. Received the above RFE for my H1b application. 1. How to address it? 2. What documents to provide? 3. Whom to get it from?
  5. Gov19

    H1b application RFE regarding OPT

    In this case, if the person has worked at client location. What is the alternative?
  6. Gov19

    H1b application RFE regarding OPT

    I need to provide supporting documents because my H1b is filed by a different employer and I'm currently working for Employer A. Please help what documents would suffice as evidence?
  7. Received RFE for my H1b application related to F-1 Opt Status (STEM OPT) Background Info: Employer info: I'm currently working under Employer A and my H1b application has got picked from Employer B Visa status: Stem OPT Following are the requested items in RFE: - Your current STEM training program and how it is managed when you are not working at the STEM employer location (In I983 form from the time of application to Stem OPT and even from the beginning of Post Completion OPT, I've reported just the employer location and not client locations. What documents would suffice this?) - Name and contact info of the STEM employer supervisor who provides and supervises beneficiary’s STEM training - Current I-983 form Training plan from your current employer (Filled i983 at the time of Stem OPT application, do I need to get new one or the old one from the application time suffice?) - Evaluations, Training Material, training hours, training description (Recieved technical training from employer A, but don't have any documentation) - Employer-Employee relationship between STEM Employer and yourself ( what is this? And whom should I get this from Emp A or B?) - Names of employers and duration under each, you worked for with post-completion OPT (Employer A till now, will move to Employer B after H1b decision) - Paystubs from start of post-completion OPT to April 2019 (OPT started on Feb 13, 2018 and worked on voluntary basis to a consulting form as a trainee till Aug 30, 2018 and then have been working as working paid consultant for employer A, have paystubs from OCT 2018 onwards) - Evidence that you are working 20 hrs or more per week in a position that is directly related to your US major field of study (What documents would suffice this?) Please assist me as it will be helpful in replying to the RFE.