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  1. Thank you for your reply. That's a relief! Is there a chance that it would affect a pending I-485- based I-765 due to the auto-cancellation of my OPT EAD? Someone told me that I would have to renew (?) it after going out of F-1 status but not sure that means.
  2. Hello, Is it okay to get a position that is both unpaid and remote for a regular OPT? So it is remote because the work will be done home-based, and I will have a meeting with a supervisor via teleconference and online. Also, there will be no payment...unpaid/voluntary work.
  3. Hello, I am on OPT and my I-485 is in a pending status. As I accumulated almost 90 days of unemployment under OPT, I am trying to terminate SEVIS before the 90 days of unemployment mark. But somebody told me that it is okay to let it auto-terminate on the 90 days of unemployment mark since it won't affect the results of AOS application (although it can make my re-entry process to the U.S. more lengthy even after a green card is approved). Is it true that SEVIS terminated due to exceeding 90 days of unemployment won't affect my AOS result? Thank you