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  1. Hi Guys, Went for H1b visa interview last week. The consular said putting you in administrative processing and retained the passport and said not to worry will get the passport in a week. I did not get any slip. I have been checking the status to track my passport it said “Still with the US consulate”after a week I drop a email to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com I get a reply as “there is no status update available for the passport number submitted.” I also called the number +91 120 4844644 and gave my UID. The automated teller said “Your documents are at the post”. What does this mean?Help needed guys! Any thoughts
  2. Hi All, This is the current situation. Appreciate your help 20th April'17 - H1b picked through lottery for company A. 3rd Dec'18 - Joined company B on receipt 2nd Feb'19 - Received a notification from USCIS that old employer(company A) has revoked H1b 28th Feb'19 - Received a RFE for H1b transfer in company B 15th May'19 - Company B responds to the RFE 30th May'19 - Received a notification from USCIS that they have denied H1b (denied I-129 form) 4th Jun'19 - Physical copy of denial receipt received with the company B. 9th Jun'19 - Left back to India to avoid unlawful presence in the country. Never got H1b stamped after it got picked in lottery in 2017. So I-94 has validity till D/S - F1 visa(which is expired in 2017). What are the options to get back to US? Can any employer file for new petition? If so will this be cap exempt?

    H1 Transfer Denied

    Hi, I was in a similar situation. I had to leave the country immediately as the lawyer suggested. There is a grace period of 7-10 days. But again that depends on if your I-94 is valid or not. If it is. Then you can stay for 60 days. You have few options: - Appeal or file a new petition with your exisiting employer - Request your existing employer to put you up in another country then US - Look for a new employer who can file. The good part is you would be under cap exempt (means no lottery)