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  1. Hi , H1 extension was filed in premium on Apr5 2019, and was approved on Apr 10. But the approval letter had incorrect validity start date. The previous I797 was valid till 19 April 2019. But the approval letter had validity start date - 25 June 2018 till 24 June 2019. On 15 April, 2019 there was another RFE issued for the same case. USCIS portal still shows status as only approved and not RFE for this case. Need your help on the below: 1. Does the approval letter issued on 10Apr, still holds good or does the RFE letter issued on 15 April, override the approval letter? 2. Do I have my legal status valid till 24 June 2019 or is has it expired already on 19 April 2019? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards, Abirami