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  1. comeback

    F1 Visa Interview Different Major

    Thank you @User099 and @Noah Lott for replying. I will be applying for both masters and PhD programs, and do intend to return after the coursework and maybe some research-work or practical training. I have my family - my parents, brother and sister in law - everyone in India. Moreover, I don't have any relative in the US. I am single and have no dependents. But how can anyone prove that they will return?
  2. Hello. I have a B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, and an M.Tech in Wireless Communication (ECE). After this I have some research and teaching experience at my university. Initially I had plans to submit the research as part of a PhD. However, as my interests have changed and even my adviser is encouraging me to pursue something in my area of interest. I am considering applying for a Masters in Computer Science or Software Engineering in the US. Will my background pose challenges during my F1 visa interview?
  3. Hello. I'm applying to US universities from India, and am planning to apply for an F1 visa if I do get an admit. However, recently I had a friends marriage for which I applied for a B1/B2 visa, which was rejected. Does a previous rejection of B1/B2 visa impact my application for an F1 Visa?
  4. comeback

    H1B with Arrest Record

    I traveled to India after this incident and I am back in the US now. My visa did not get revoked, nor was I prevented from boarding. I did have secondary questioning on port of entry, but on showing documents it was resolved. I still have not filed for H1B extension yet.
  5. I am currently on an H1b visa and my i140 was approved a year ago. I have used H1b for only 3 years and intend to move back to my home country for a couple years. If the same or a different employer later files for my H1B, will the application be subject to cap, or will it be cap-exempt?
  6. comeback

    H1B with Arrest Record

    No there was absolutely no alcohol involved, and they did not even do any alcohol-test on me. I fully cooperated with the police. I am not sure why I was arrested. Possibly because there were other adult passengers in my car?
  7. comeback

    H1B with Arrest Record

    I was arrested for a driving incident, possibly because I was over speed limit. However, DA reduced it to "Careless driving" which is a fine-only class-B traffic violation (not a crime). Is my visa automatically revoked? I have not received any email from any consulate. Will I get to know when boarding flight to US, or after landing in US? Will my next H1B extension/renewal be denied due to this arrest, even though I have an approved I-140. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Manu, Can you update on whether you were able to get visa stamped? Did you get 221g?
  9. comeback

    H1B Visa stamp issued 221G Chennai- DUI

    Hi. Could you please specify in which state you got "Careless driving"? I have got it in the state of Oregon, where it is a "traffic violation" but not a crime. I was initially cited for "Reckless Driving" which is a misdemeanor. I did not get any email for revocation due to arrest record. Hopefully my visa is still valid. Any advise for my next stamping?
  10. comeback

    H4 stamping with DUI Mumbai

    Were you able to get the visa renewed?
  11. comeback

    H1B with Arrest Record

    I was arrested and fingerprinted on charges of Reckless Driving - Misdemeanor, possibly due to speed. However, the prosecutor offered to reduce charges to "Careless Driving" - a class-B traffic violation, and not a criminal charge. If I accept this, then I have to pay only a fine, and I do not get a DL suspension or any other penalty. So far, I have not received any email from USICS or consulate regarding any visa revocation due to the initial charges. What are my chances of getting an H1 extension if I go for visa interview/stamping at Delhi consulate? Has my visa been revoked already? I will have the arrest record, however, the final court document would state only a traffic violation and not a criminal conviction.