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  1. LivingOnE1

    Applying with GC about to expire

    Hello Yes, I had to file a I-90 since my GC is expiring in less than 6 months. In the application, there was a $455 fee for the form itself, and a $85 fee for biometrics. Since I had biometrics taken just one week ago for the naturalization application, is there a way to AVOID to have the biometrics taken again (and waste half a day in line)? Thanks
  2. LivingOnE1

    Applying with GC about to expire

    Thank you Joe. Does that mean I cannot travel internationally until I get the GC renewal or the citizenship? There must be a way around.
  3. Hi, I've waited a bit too long and just applied for naturalization at the end of January. I am waiting for the receipt. My Green Card expires at the end of March. What's going to be the situation with: - My employer what document(s) can I show to him to continue to legally work? - International traveling. What happens if I have to travel internationally? Thanks.
  4. LivingOnE1

    N400 with DUI in past 5 years

    Thank you for the update. Did they ask you anything about it?
  5. LivingOnE1

    Naturalization and "Life events"

    Can the above post be approved please?
  6. LivingOnE1

    GC renewal issue while N400 pending

    OK, let me rephrase. Still have not applied. GC expires in 3 months. What happens if my application is rejected? I have good reasons to be a bit afraid (read some other posts of mine).
  7. LivingOnE1

    Question about U.S citizenship

    I am not concerned. Canadian citizens are. At least those I spoke to. In the Garden State health care is outstanding (or maybe I've just been lucky - but I don't think that's the case).
  8. LivingOnE1

    Post N-400 Travel

    Anyone? Thanks
  9. LivingOnE1

    GC renewal issue while N400 pending

    Yeah ok, and what happens if the N-400 is not approved?
  10. LivingOnE1

    Question about U.S citizenship

    World class health facilities, which take 6 months to get an appointment at.
  11. LivingOnE1

    Post N-400 Travel

    And during that time - waiting for the interview - IF your green card is expired, how can one travel internationally?
  12. LivingOnE1

    Naturalization and "Life events"

    In the US since 2003. Permanent Resident (EB-2) since 2010, after 7 years on Visas. Changed employer 7 months after I got the green card. Arrested in 2004 for (accusation of) domestic violence, plead not guilty and charges dismissed after court hearing. Arrested in 2014 for DWAI (driving with ability impaired, NOT DWI or DUI - it is considered a traffic violation in NY, BAC between 0.05 and 0.08) Last traffic ticket in 2016 for speeding 1-14 mph over limit. I got 3 more speeding tickets (still 1-14 mph over limit) and 3 tickets for "disobeying traffic device (stop signs etc.) all before 2013. Never had more than 6 points on my DL. What are my chances? Is there a real risk on denial of eligibility?
  13. I’m actually still here, believe it or not. :) I still haven’t applied for naturalization. In the meanwhile, on my 4th year as a permanent resident, I got a DWAI (driving with “ability impaired” - a lesser offense than DWI in NY state) Got arrested, plead guilty, paid my fine and surcharges, did my community service and the prevention class. What are my chances? Do I necessarily need a lawyer with me for naturalization? Thanks
  14. LivingOnE1


    On my 4th year as Permanent Resident, I was arrested for DWI (1192.1). I plead guilty and got a conditional discharge (one year), a fine, a surcharge, 3 days of community service, and mandatory DDP. I was planning to apply for naturalization next year. Please let me know what can be the implication on my application. Do you think an attorney will be absolutely necessary in my case? I have never received any other conviction in my life. thanks.
  15. Permanent Resident thru employment since 2010, after a few years on a Visa. In the last 7 years I have got (and plead guilty): 1 ticket for careless driving (careless, not reckless) . 3 tickets for speeding 1-14 mph over the limit. 2 ticket for "disobeying traffic device" (stop signs, etc.) Countless parking tickets. Each traffic violation turned into 2 points on my driving license. I never had more than 6 points altogether, and never had my DL suspended. Also, I filed AR-11 for change of address today, 1 year after I actually moved. I will apply for naturalization in early 2015, should I worry or I'm fine? Thanks