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  1. LivingOnE1

    E1 I-94

    Any reply? Thanks
  2. LivingOnE1

    E1 I-94

    Hi, my gf is on a E1 that expires at the end of November. The I-94 end date is Nov. 8. I am an American citizen If we travel to Mexico this month, is there a chance that immigration may deny her entry, since the E1 visa would be expiring soon? Thank you.
  3. LivingOnE1

    K-1 for fiancee'

    My gf has been on a E1 for almost five years, but it's expiring at the end of November. Her company has agreed to extend her position in the US. However, the first appointment that the abroad US consular office would give her for a E1 interview is in... March 2022. I'm American, so we are thinking to file a I-129F for fiancee' of a US citizen, after scheduling a marriage date which most likely will be *after* her E1 expiration date. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
  4. LivingOnE1

    Traveling to Puerto Rico and back

    Any advice? Thanks.
  5. LivingOnE1

    Traveling to Puerto Rico and back

    Hi, I'm a newly naturalized US citizen. I have the Certificate of Naturalization, but I don't have a US passport yet. I have a NJ driving license, but MVC still doesn't know I became American a couple of weeks ago. I want to travel to Puerto Rico and back this month. I cannot use my non-American passport since USCIS took my green card when I naturalized. So the only option is the NJ DL. However, since NJ MVC doesn't know yet I am a US citizen, I wonder if I can run into a problem coming back from Puerto Rico. And no, I have no way to inform MVC before my flight date as they are backlogged and gave me an appointment for June. Thank you.
  6. LivingOnE1

    Applying with GC about to expire

    Hello Yes, I had to file a I-90 since my GC is expiring in less than 6 months. In the application, there was a $455 fee for the form itself, and a $85 fee for biometrics. Since I had biometrics taken just one week ago for the naturalization application, is there a way to AVOID to have the biometrics taken again (and waste half a day in line)? Thanks
  7. LivingOnE1

    Applying with GC about to expire

    Thank you Joe. Does that mean I cannot travel internationally until I get the GC renewal or the citizenship? There must be a way around.
  8. Hi, I've waited a bit too long and just applied for naturalization at the end of January. I am waiting for the receipt. My Green Card expires at the end of March. What's going to be the situation with: - My employer what document(s) can I show to him to continue to legally work? - International traveling. What happens if I have to travel internationally? Thanks.
  9. LivingOnE1

    N400 with DUI in past 5 years

    Thank you for the update. Did they ask you anything about it?
  10. LivingOnE1

    Naturalization and "Life events"

    Can the above post be approved please?
  11. LivingOnE1

    GC renewal issue while N400 pending

    OK, let me rephrase. Still have not applied. GC expires in 3 months. What happens if my application is rejected? I have good reasons to be a bit afraid (read some other posts of mine).
  12. LivingOnE1

    Question about U.S citizenship

    I am not concerned. Canadian citizens are. At least those I spoke to. In the Garden State health care is outstanding (or maybe I've just been lucky - but I don't think that's the case).
  13. LivingOnE1

    Post N-400 Travel

    Anyone? Thanks
  14. LivingOnE1

    GC renewal issue while N400 pending

    Yeah ok, and what happens if the N-400 is not approved?
  15. LivingOnE1

    Question about U.S citizenship

    World class health facilities, which take 6 months to get an appointment at.