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  1. I am working and residing in US from past 12 years. I have come to India on a Family Medical Emergency to take care of my father in Feb-2019. Now thankfully that, my father is recovering by God's Grace, I need to go back to US immediately to keep my job (they have been extremely supportive and patiently waiting for me from past 3+ months). However, for next 60+ days - none of the US Embassies in India have stamping appointment dates/slots available, but Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have dates within like 3 to 5 days. My question is, can I go to any of these places, what are the success rates of these places, what are my chances of getting a 221g, God-Forbid - even if I got one, how long the admin processing may take (better than these 60+ days of waiting in India.. ?) Mine is an H1B transfer, this is a FTE position with one of the top companies in Silicon Valley with higher salary than the LCA wage category for the position level. Any other info required, please let me know ASAP. Thanks a lot for your time in advance. Kind Regards, Sandp.