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  1. Hi, My H1b has been filed by company A and got approved from Sep 6 2016 to Jul 24 2019. But I left company A on March 7 2018 to join company B. (H1b petition with this company was filed on Feb 25,2018 and got denied on Apr 26,2018. The attorney has received the copy on May 2, 2018) A subsequent H1b petition was filed by company B on May 16th 2018 and USCIS has received it on May 30th 2018 which remained in processing state. I moved to company C (while the H1b is still in processing with previous employer - company B) where a new H1b was filed on oct 12, 2018. Company B has revoked the previous H1b petition which is in processing on Jan 12, 2019. I received approval for my H1b petition filed with company C but denied my extension of stay in US on the grounds of 'not maintaining valid status at the time of filing the petition' . My attorney received the physical copy of I797C on May 20 2019. I am leaving the country on May 25 2019 and going to hyderabad consulate for stamping in Aug 2019. . Can someone please advise me what would be the chances of getting the approval and all supporting documentation which can help my case?