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  1. chintu1374

    H1B transfer timeline from Nebraska center

    I am seeing there are cases which had a receipt later than me but already go their approval. Any ideas of what this could mean?
  2. I joined the new company. The transfer was received on 04/21. I got a receipt on 04/27(sent on 04/22 itself). How long do you think it will take for approval?
  3. chintu1374

    H1b-RFE premium Processing

    Khushi, I think this question should be asked to an immigration lawyer and not to anyone on this forum. That's the only way to get a reliable answer to your question.
  4. chintu1374

    H1B visa transfer - premium processing

    Sorry I was traveling, I received a response on June 18th with an approval. I wish you the best with your process as well
  5. Hi All, I have received a RFE on my H1B VISA transfer and the lawyer filed a response within a week. How high is the probability for an acceptance? Further details: RFE was because I had to prove my academic credentials in Computer Science and this was granted using my experience. However, USCIS questioned the person granting the credentials.
  6. chintu1374

    H1B visa transfer - premium processing

    I haven't faced this issue. My receipt date was pretty late but then the processing was normal.
  7. H1b transfers are typically accompanied with a request to extend your H1B as well. I am not an expert but I think there is nothing stopping you from doing this until and unless an immigration attorney helps you with this
  8. chintu1374


    Sorry for late response, the receipt date was 8 days after it was sent. And then it was supposed to take 15 days post that. I got an RFE in 8 days
  9. chintu1374


    Hi Mules, it took me 8 days to get a receipt from USCIS California processing center as well. I have no idea why it is taking this amount of time but it is taking time these days
  10. chintu1374

    H1B visa transfer - premium processing

    Update from my end. I got a RFE which is super frustrating for me because my lawyer did take a lot of time in making this application.
  11. chintu1374

    H1B visa transfer - premium processing

    Which processing center is this?
  12. chintu1374

    H1B visa transfer - premium processing

    So, turns out I received the receipt on 21st i.e. 8 days after sending the mail which IMO is surprising Now the clock should end on 06/05.
  13. Hi all, my h1b visa transfer was filed on premium processing on May 13th. I have not received the receipt yet. Does this mean the clock for my premium processing has started or not? I am getting a little nervous on this