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  1. My current PA drivers license expires on 08/16 and my H1B visa is extended until Aug 2022. I went to DMV on 08/03 to get my license extended - unfortunately they weren't able to verify my new H1B visa extension electronically with USCIS and raised a case with SAVE. When I calledPennDOT customer care they mentioned it might take up to 30 days minimum until early September(09/04) for date to be updated in SAVE to process my license renewal. Now I've a planned travel to India on end of month 08/31. Below are my questions: Will my out-of-country travel impact ongoing SAVE update initiated by PennDOT also will it impact my visa stamping(dropbox) which I've already scheduled.
  2. Hi - I'll be travelling to India during July and need to get H1B visa stamped. Qualified for dropbox - however my attorney recommended to avail for interview. Here are my questions Is there a general uptick in interview follow-up to original dropbox document submission? Couldn’t see a way to by-pass dropbox and set up an interview from ustraveldocs website.(unless you answer qualifying questions incorrect - which isn't recommended) Should I go with dropbox or is there an option to avail for interview? I'm a full time in a US based company (no client-vendor relationship) and been with them for 6+ years and already have prior visa stamped with same employer.