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  1. Did you get the receipt? If yes, Which date
  2. Raghav0717

    H1 Transfer - Normal Filing

    Just got the tracking number and documents reached California centre on May 10th. Its been a week and cheque hasn't been encashed yet. Anyone in the same situation or were couple of weeks/months back
  3. H1 work visa valid till May 10th, 2019 (10 days of grace period, valid status - May 20) I have requested another company to do H1 transfer (normal filing) and documents were dispatched my new employer on May 10th. Not sure when docs reached the centre (as they didn't provide tracking number) Till date - May 17 - there is no news of the cheque been cleared. I have requested tracking number to check when the docs was received by USCIS. Can i stay in US post May 20, based on the receipt date? OR is it legal status continued based on Notice date? Please advise (I was of the assumption that the cheque gets encashed the very next day USCIS receives the doc)
  4. Raghav0717

    H1 Stamping

    Its long and complex story. Did my MBA and graduated in 2017. Did one year of OPT ending May 2018. My H1 was filed in 2018 and it was picked. Cap gap was applied till Sep 30, 2018. Since I got an RFE and was not confident about approval, I joined second Masters in Aug 2018. In November my H1 was approved. In Oct, I had changed jobs thinking my H1 won't be approved. After I got approval, re-joined back to my old employer. Quit my second Masters in January and continuing on H1. I will return to Chennai, India for visa stamping, will there be any question as to why I dropped second masters and why I had changed jobs during H1 processing? My answer for college dropout - I was not able to balance workload and then dropped My answer for change of jobs during h1 - Better opportunity Is there any concern with the above answers ?