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  1. Hi, I got my first GC thru EB1 in July 2012. My mother fell ill in india. Hence I need to leave in August 2012. She died in Oct 2013. I applied for SB1 visa in Feb 2014 which was denied in spite I mentioned that I could not return within a year because of mother prolonged death. Hence I need to surrender my GC in Sept 2015. I am wondering in my situation which was not in my control why in the first place my SB1 visa was rejected which triggered me to surrender GC. Is there a way to appeal the same to immigration judge and explain the same and get my green card back.
  2. PadSundar

    L1-H1 Clock Reset & cooling period

    What rule mentioned in uscis where L1 time count toward H1 since both definitions are different
  3. Hi, I had a GC thru employer EB1 in 2012. Due to mother prolonged death, I need to be outside of the country for more than 1 yr. I need to surrender my GC because of that. Now my question is can a new employer reuse my first GC 140 and get a new 140.
  4. PadSundar

    H1 Transfer Validity

    Hi, I had an H1 during 2004-2006. I still have 3 yrs left. Can I claim the remainder time for new employer now..