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    Convert from EAD to H1

    Hi folks I need help and clarification on a few things. My priority date is Nov 2009 and I filed my I-485 in Apr 2012 when my priority date became current and after that, the priority dates were backdated. I got married in 2013 and my wife is currently working on H1B. I worked on H1B until May 2015 after which I started working on my GC EAD for couple of employers. My H1B was expired in Nov 2015. My wife is currently carrying and planning to stay at home and hence trying to identify if I could switch back from EAD to H1B so that my wife could be on H4. Can I apply for H1B now? Will I be exempt from the quota? What will happen to my GC if I switch from EAD to H1B now? I know this is probably a complex question. But any of you folks out there with knowledge, experiences you may know of will definitely help me with my situation. Thanks in advance for all your help