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  1. Oh well... Thanks for the advice, Pontevecchio.
  2. Just realized there's more to this. The addresses issue I've mentioned above is my physical work location address. Turns out W2 has a different address for employer info field (and this is the same all through last 5 years). Pay stub shows a different address. From what I've understood (reading across forums), address shown on W2 should suffice. Is this true?
  3. Hello! Here's my doubt regarding employment history as part of N400. Got my GC when working at COMPANY A CORP. back in 2014. It was acquired by COMPANY B in 2016 but retained the name as COMPANY A LTD. (HQ in Singapore). Our offices were moved across the street to a new building in Jan 2018. Around May 2018, company re-domiciled to U.S. and since then been called COMPANY A INC. Does this imply that I should now state the following as employment history? 1. COMPANY A CORP till 2016 2. COMPANY A LTD with old address till 2018 Jan 3. COMPANY A LTD with new address till 2018 May 4. COMPANY A INC. since May 2018 Thanks in advance!