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  1. My new Employment Authorization card under H4 category has been approved. I was previously employed in L2 EAD. I had submitted a request to correct a typographical error in my last name soon after the application was initially filed. I had called USCIS support and verified that the name was corrected just before the approval as well. However in the i797 letter, there is still the same typographical error. I haven't received the card yet. Can I resume my employment with the new EAD card while I submit a request to get the name corrected in the background? What are my options?
  2. Hi, I am currently on L1b visa which is expiring on August 11th 2019. I have been selected in the 2020 H1b lottery cap and waiting for approval. I plan to convert from L1b to H1b after approval. The H1b was filed in consular processing. I have an approved i140 petition and my spouse is working on L2 EAD. Is there a way for us to concurrently file for H1, H4 and H4 EAD so that there is no break in my spouse's employment? What are the steps? Thanks in advance.
  3. magneto27

    L1b to H1b advise needed

    I am currently on L1B blanket VISA from August 2016. The first 3 year term expires on August 11th 2019 and my I-94 is valid until August 21st 2019. I had applied for h1b in the 2020 cap season under consular processing. I have been selected in the lottery but haven't received the approval yet. Since premium processing isn't allowed for consular processing, the approval may be delayed. My spouse is working on L2 dependent visa. I need to get my L1-B visa extended for 2 more years so that my spouse can continue to work on L2. However, my employer is pushing me to wait for h1 approval and then convert to h1b. Employer is also holding back on l1b extension. One option provided to me by my employer is to leave the country before August 21st and return with a H1b stamp starting October 2019. With this option the anticipation is that I will be out of US for 6-8 weeks until I get the H1b stamp. Questions: 1. I assume I will be out of employment once I leave the country after August 21st and until I return on h1b, as I will have neither L or H visa status durin this period. This means that I cannot be working and hence no pay. However my employer thinks I will still be in US payroll and will work from my home country during this term. Is this possible? 2. I tried convincing that my spouse's employment will be affected due of this interim arrangement. Spouse is still waiting for her H1b to be picked in lottery. Is there any option for me to extend the L visa even after my h1b being approved? 3. Are there any other options for me to keep my L1b status?