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  1. hmctty

    H1-B 60 Day limit

    Hi, I was about to transfer from Firm A to Firm B, and my H1-B transfer was approved. I wanted to take 3 weeks to relocate for the new office, so I will technically not be working in H1-B during this period. I did some research and found a lot of info and conflicting results regarding this. Here are my questions: 1] It states that we can take 60-days between jobs (regardless of being fired or resigning), but it is a discretionary request without any way to request. This doesn't make sense to me because how can something be discretionary to USCIS for which no application was submitted. 2] If I take the 2-3 weeks off, then it is stated that it is not cumulative. So If I get fired from Firm B in the future, do I still get another 60-Day limit or none? Thanks for all your help.
  2. TLDR - Is there a legal limit to the number of simultaneous H1-B transfers an individual can have? Currently, I work for company A and have my H1-B end date in Aug 2020, I have got offers from three companies B, C and D and they all want to transfer my H1-B. Is there an issue to accept all transfers and then select the best company among them? Does USCIS have a limit on the number of simultaneous H1-B transfers an individual can have?