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  1. Hi Team, This is regarding H1B transfer while current H1B is in extension. My visa & i94 expired on 08/10/19 and extension of visa is in process (applied to USCIS in July in normal processing and got receipt number). So, my question is can i now look for a new employer and initiate H1 transfer while my H1 extension is in processing with only receipt number? If yes, what will be the major challengers here?
  2. rakee@1234

    GC Related Question

    Thanks for the above inputs. So, based on the above inputs i can still ask my manager now to initiate GC Processing while my H1 extension is going on. Correct ?
  3. rakee@1234

    GC Related Question

    This Question is related to GC Processing. My manager said he will start my GC processing in Q2 of 2019 but when i am asking now he is saying that my extension is in process (My current visa is valid until 08/10/19 so they initiated my extension process) and cannot start the GC processing. Question 1: Is H1 Extension is related to GC processing ? I did not understand the relation when my manager said ? Question 2: Is there a way to start my GC Processing now or i need to wait until my extension gets approved ? Please share your comments. Thanks..!!
  4. rakee@1234

    Need Experts Opinion - H1B Extension +Amendment

    thanks for the above inputs.
  5. Need Experts Opinion: My Current H1B Visa is expiring on Aug 10th 2019. My employer is planning to apply my extension & amendment in Normal processing. I requested him to apply in premium processing but he is not accepting to apply in premium processing. Question: 1) What are the chances of approval in Normal processing based on current trend (California Center) ? 2) For Normal Processing, current waiting time is 7-8 months in California Center. Is there any chance of getting status update sooner (with in 3-4 months) ? thanks, Rakesh
  6. Hi Team, This is my situation. Currently working for Employer-1 & applied H1 transfer with Employer-2. While H1 transfer is in processing i resigned with Employer-1 and in notice period. But, because of some personal reasons i took my resignation back with Employer-1 and want to continue working with Employer-1. This is discussed with Employer-1 and understood my situation to get me back. Now, below are my questions: What happens if my H1 transfer with Employer-2 is approved ? Do i need to join Employer-2 now ? What happens if my H1 transfer with Employer-2 is approved to my current I797 copy ? Will that be still valid ? If H1 transfer gets approved with Employer-2 and Employer-1 is preparing to apply my H1 extension, does this impact anything ? Should i inform to my Employer-1 on H1 transfer status ? Basically i dont have receipt number also to check the status. Please share your comments. Thanks in advance.!!