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  1. sandeeprvn

    If H1B transfer is denied and chances to change to F1

    I have applied for a university and got admission to it(btw it's not a fraud institute), but haven't changed my status to F1 yet. Just in case if my H1B is denied can I immediately apply for change of status ? How long does it usually take to change and do I need to go back to India to get my F1 stamped ?
  2. I have been working with a Company B from Jun 2016 and I applied my H1B through company A and that is approved in Nov 2017, Sooner it is approved my employer (Company B) initiated the transfer from A ---> B and that's been in transfer state from Dec 2017 to till date, recently I have applied for premium processing, in case if the H1B transfer is denied (provided my old approved H1B is revoked) what are my options to stay in the U.S ? Can I apply for a university? If yes do I need to cross the border to get my SEVIS activated? Queries: 1) was that a bad option to have initiated my H1B transfer from one employer to others even without running at least one payroll with Company B? 2) What are my chances to get my H1B transfer approved in this case? 3) Is it mandatory to cross the border to get my SEVIS activated just in case if I have to change to F1 after my h1b transfer is denied? Please do help me here with your valuable feedback, thanks in advance