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  1. SVTi

    Foreign Country H1B VISA stamping

    Forgot to mention, This is Fresh VISA (have never got it stamped and was given 221(g) in very first stamping
  2. I got my H1B renewal approved (The last petition, I was given 221(g) and the case is still in administrative processing and the petition has expired). Can I go to VISA stamping in some other country (Dubai) as the VISA stamping wait times in India are crazy (Min 50 days ) whereas in Dubai it's only 4-5 days. Appreciate the advice.
  3. Hi, I got my H1B approved (for 2 months) while I was in India (I as on OPT when I left US for India). During stamping I got 221(g), I uploaded all my Docs but my petition expired and I am still waiting the 221(g) decision. I have applied petition renewal in Premium and hoping to get my approval soon. I have 2 Questions: 1. If my 221(g) gets approved and new Petition is Approved, Am I eligible for Dropbox (current wait times for interview are too long). 2. Can I come to US on H4 and file a COS from H4 to H1B ?? If yes, what will happen to my H1B when I go for H4 stamping in India and how does this work in General. Also, how will I show the docs while change of status (I am currently employed and am on extended leave) Appreciate any pointers/help/Info.