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  1. ravi2375

    How to get mother's visitor visa

    In 2010 (5 months more), 2013 (3 months more) and 2016 (3 months more).
  2. ravi2375

    How to get mother's visitor visa

    Agreed. What ties you can possibly show other than owning the property, pension, relatives at age 70? only few people work at 70 and VO knows that.
  3. ravi2375

    How to get mother's visitor visa

    cannot do anything other than taking my chances. Either I win or learn.
  4. ravi2375

    How to get mother's visitor visa

    Thank you for the response and insightful information. I am on H1 B. She has her own house (value around one crore rupees. $10 million). Jewelry, substantial bank balance, regular pension. We showed all these. In vain. I agree she came several times and visited UK several times but I thought it would be okay bcoz she did not overstay (hard to prove she did not work). She is close to 70 years, cannot hear properly, so hard for her to appear for interview also now. Is there anyway I can accompany her in the embassy? I am ready to give bonds/guarantee (whatever is needed) to VO to prove that she will not work and will return on time.
  5. ravi2375

    Accompanying Mother for B2 Visa

    Thank you for the prompt response. How do I go to INFOPASS? did you mean US Travel Docs website? Who do I ask questions personally?
  6. Hi: My mother had a ten years of visitor's visa. She came seven times. We extended her visa three times. Every time it got approved and she stayed and left the country before the expiry of visa. I know it is a complicated case but I know one thing that we did not break the law. She did not overstay, not even one day more. Agreed she came several times but it was all with respecting the law and rules of the land. I am sure some readers/senior members might think otherwise but believe me, she never worked. Never did baby-sitting. Not even for one day/one hour. Not on cash or any other means. Let alone mother working, even my wife did not work all these years. Grace of god, I own the house, have three cars, comfortable life. There was no need for her to work. She came because I did not want her to stay alone (I have no father). I have no brother. Sister is in London and mother went there ten times. She applied last year and got rejected saying - not able to demonstrate that intended activities in the US would be consistent with the classification of nonimmigrant visa and did not demonstrate that you have ties that will compel you to return to the home country. Since last year she has not applied again. Now how to get the visa? What documentation I can show? How do I prove that she will go back (the way she went back all these times)? Any guidance, resources would be greatly appreciated by this son. Thanks