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  1. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    a quick update subsequent to filing a I-290B: a) was asked to submit the I-693. b) an interview was scheduled and completed, however, the officer did not have my I-130 in his docket but could see it online. He declined to adjudicate until he received the hardcopy of the I-130. c) I received an email that my case was updated and the card was in production and will be mailed to my given address. Praise the Lord! I believe it is finally done. All in all it took 18 to 19 months. Lesson: do concurrent filing of I-130 and I-485.
  2. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Hi all, I have been reissued my passport as it had expired. Do I need to send in a copy of the new passport page showing new number, etc. to the USCIS now that the I-485 is under process?
  3. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Update: Hi all, thanks to prayers, I was notified by email that my I-290B filing has been approved and the rejection of the I-485 has been lifted. I await further instructions from USCIS by post. Shall keep you posted.
  4. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Thank you kindly for your positive feedback. Shall update here and let all know the outcome of the I-290B.
  5. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Thanks. Anyone you can recommend, perhaps, someone you have used?
  6. Hi Schthi,

    Can you send me the template you used for filing the I-290B for your wife's I-485 to be reopened. I am in the same boat as you were. Also, was your wife able to stay here after the I-485 was denied and during the filing and processing of the I-290B?

    Thanks and much obliged.

  7. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Thank you for your reply. I received the notice of denial for the I-485. Unfortunately, I had not provided two passport photographs and a copy of my birth certificate as these were already with the I-130 application and I overlooked the need to include it along with this form. We had also not included the 1-864, affidavit of support with the application which I believe is required. So, I am now filling out the I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion. Since it states in 8CFR, section 103.2(b)(8)(ii) that they can request the missing initial evidence, we are going to ask that they do that. However, the I-130, which had all that same information attached to it, had already been approved, so I don’t see why they didn’t just request the missing documents. I am trying to do everything legally, I’ve been married for over a decade to a USC, and have children (USC), have even made a home here in the U.S. Has anyone filed an I-290B and can give some advice?
  8. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    I received email now stating that, "we denied your Form I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS… We mailed you a decision notice that explains why we denied your case and your options. Please follow the instructions in the notice." What is my next course of action? Is there a procedure to appeal or reapply? Thank you for your feedback and assistance.
  9. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Thank you for your positive feedback and for a reassuring reply. As you rightly mentioned above I have no intention of fraud. I was ready, willing and able to leave within the 180 days allowed by the B1/B2 but everyone I spoke to advised me against exiting as I risk abandoning the I-485 process. Furthermore, I think in December 2018 my wife spoke to the USCIS help desk asking why it was taking such a long time as I was insisting on traveling to be with my mother who is very old and unwell, and the USCIS person clearly mention that my I-485 would be abandoned if I did so.
  10. In April 2018 my wife and children (both US citizens) decided enough is enough of living overseas and insisted on moving back to the USA. I had no intention of living here at the time but my wife insisted on applying for immigrant visa for me should I change my mind. After much debate I caved in and she filed the I-130 petition for me. In August 2018, however, they decided to pack house and move. So I accompanied them on a B1/B2 visa that I had with the intention to help them settle down. It was taking a lot of time to get things settled here so my wife urged me to file I-485 to adjust my status here. In September 2018 after arriving in the USA I filed I-485. After filing the I-485 I learned that if I exit the process of adjustment of status will be abandoned. So I filed for I-765 and I-131. Now, long story short it has been a long agonizing wait and finally a year after the filing of the I-130 a few days ago (May 2019) I got an action notice stating that the I-130 is approved and that it has been forwarded to the National Visa Center so that they can send it to an consulate for me to obtain an entry visa. a) why is the I-130 being sent to the NVC and not to some local USCIS office as my I-485 is already filed and received by USCIS? b) will I have to exit the USA and go to some consulate somewhere to obtain an entry visa? c) was it wrong to file I-485 while on B1/B2 visa? Thanks for your advice.