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  1. My Amendment (for current client and location) is declined on 17th April and H1B visa is expired on 30th April (for previous client and location). The H1B extension request (for current client and location as amendment cum extension category) was filed on 27th April before visa expires but after the Amendment denial. Employer is throughout same. I am yet to wait to for Extension Acknowledgment receipt. But our Immigration team advising me to go back as the Extension was filed after Amendment denial so my visa is out of status. However I think its not as my visa was valid till 30th April even for old location and client. I-94 was also valid till 30th April. 1. Is my stay after 30th April in US valid? 2. Was my extension filed in out of status? 3. Can above scenarios and circumstances lead to Extension denial ? 4. Should I wait for Extension Acknowledge receipt before leave?