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  1. Spoke to Attorney Murthy and she suggested to try any way .. Because the law is not clear and its up to the interpretation of the person handling my case..
  2. My H1B is approved but I never got H1B stamp. I was in USA couple of times on B1 visa but never on H1. I am eligible for cap exempt as I did not utilize any of my 6 years. Any help or opinion is greatly appreciated.
  3. I did it before, you can fill as many as you want... They wont be valid unless they are tied to an actual appointment...
  4. A DS160 form will not be final unless you use the confirmation number to take an appointment... Feel free to create one more..
  5. indigo10

    Canada visa in Los Angeles

    You can take it easy and spend your money... Your pay stubs etc will be evidence that you get a steady income.. Bank balance is just an additional measure..
  6. You can always extend your H1B while out side of the country... Extension is nothing but a new visa without any quota limit...
  7. indigo10

    DS 160 Form- Changes after submitting it

    Which country are you going for stamping... In most countries, You will typically provide DS160 confirmation number when scheduling the appointment.. Even if you submit multiple DS160s, only the confirmation number you used when scheduling the appointment will be used...
  8. indigo10

    Passport pickup delays in Hyderabad

    The status of the application was "Issued", from day one... The visa was approved on the interview day itself, No admin process etc.. It still took more than 10 days for passport to be ready for pickup Update: We just received email saying the passport is in transit.
  9. Hi, My cousin attended her H4 interview on 16th Jan, she was approved and the passport was given to consulate. Till now there was no SMS or email from the consulate. Its been more than 10 days. We have opened two cases so far, both were replied with "Your passport is still with embassy". Anybody experiencing a similar pattern? Thanks
  10. indigo10

    EAD processing time..

  11. indigo10

    Got laid off, need suggestions !!

    You are one of the most active members of this forum. I am sure an attorney will be replying you. Make sure Your H1B is not cancelled immediately, If you have a small gap between your H1 and H4, You should be fine.
  12. indigo10

    GC and marriage

    See this info http://www.murthy.com/news/n_derspo.html