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  1. Hello, Good Evening. I am in USA at present and having approved petition with my employer(A) till Dec 2020 and working with same employer(A) now. I got a good offer with another Employer(B) and during H1B transfer & it got RFE ; Employer(B) has submitted the RFE response as of today and waiting for the approval.. As soon as it is approved i will be joining Employer (B). Here is the thing, I must travel to India during second week of May 2019. 1. Can i go to visa stamping with my current Employer (A) as the status of transfer is not yet received ? 2. What if the Employer(B) petition is approved just before stamping date (if upgraded to premium)? Can I still go with my current Employer (A) ? 3. Should I mention about transfer application in VISA interview? Please help to understand / advice to go smooth in visa interview.