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  1. I have arrest record of DV but there's no charge. I'm wondering for H1B transfer and extension in future, do we need to submit the arrest information? I read some posts on avvo, seems we don't need for H1B transfer, but still should provide the info for extension? thx
  2. goodluckguy111

    Impact of arrest on background check

    Update: My background check has passed (One tech company). No problem at all. Hope this data point helps
  3. It seems now for new DS160, we need to submit our social app info, and I heard at POE the staff are more likely to check your smart phone, though this is still rare. So I have a question, for those with arrest record, would they be more "sensitive" population to be chosen for further smart phone check at POE?
  4. congrtulations! So OP you are DWI conviction, not just arrest? I'm DV arrest, not charged at all, case closed, but I'm still scared...Such nightmare.
  5. goodluckguy111

    H1B stamping with dv arrest but no charge?

    yes of course, that's why i'm "arrested" if not, I wouldn't worry at all.
  6. Hi I had DV arrest but released quickly and no charge is filed at all. I'm wondering how this would affect the coming H1B stamping? I've seen lots of cases, which is, they went to court and see the judge, but the case is dismissed. But what about my case, where there's no charge? Also I'm confused, "no charge" equals to "no court record found", right? thx
  7. goodluckguy111

    Impact of arrest on background check

    many thanks guys
  8. goodluckguy111

    H1B Stamping in CANADA with Multiple ARREST Record

    HUGE CONG Question: Any benefits of H1B stamping at Canada? Would they be nicer for people with arrest record, or they won't usually give check?
  9. goodluckguy111

    Possibility to change H1B CP to COS

    Hi I was selected by H1B lottery, but the lawyers, by default change file my case as consular processing. I definitely prefer to stay in US and smoothly transition to H1B by COS (change of status), because there's huge chance my H1B VISA will be checked for long, which may affect my employment.The fragomen paralegal told me I cannot change it after file. Is that true or just a lie to save them the work? I read I-129 form and it seems we could request amendment. I have plenty of OPT time and it won't be problem even the amend will delay my case, and I'm also willing to pay the fee myself. So what should I do?
  10. goodluckguy111

    H1B stamping experience with arrest record

    I'm surprised your FBI criminal report has no arrest record, because you've sealed that? I think FBI will access to whatever of our experiences, regardless of expungement or not.
  11. goodluckguy111

    Impact of arrest on background check

    Most people here ask about arrest impact on immigration, like H1B. Then what about the impact on company's background check? I see at least for California and New York, it's illegal for employers to consider arrest records that don't lead to conviction. So anyone can share related experiences? Thx
  12. goodluckguy111

    DUI on STEM OPT , H1b filed by employer

    So you mean, USCIS will more likely send RFE on OPT, but NOT for H1B? But for OPT application (I-765), I don't see anywhere that asks for arrest or conviction record.
  13. goodluckguy111

    Arrest impact on future VISA

    Don't think so if you can show VO proof that you are not guilty, everything solved in your favor. This is what I saw from other cases.
  14. goodluckguy111

    Arrest impact on future VISA

    Thx, Actually I've already contacted attorney, who said I'm totally fine with F1, OPT, H1B. Only issue will be H1B stamping, but I'm not planning to leave US in near future. But I only consulted one attorney, and I'm still worried that's why came to this forum to ask for you guy's opinion.
  15. goodluckguy111

    Arrest impact on future VISA

    Can anyone give any suggestions? Many thanks