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  1. Hi , H1b got approved with consular processing. I am on cpt which is valid until December 28th 2019. My h1 got approved from Oct 1st 2019 to September 2022. Since it got approved on consular, do i have to leave in October to get stamped or Can i wait until December and get it stamped then?
  2. Sudeshna07

    Booked parents visa for 181 days

    Hi , I booked tickets for my parents who are on B2 visitor visa. Unfortunately i dint check the dates and the dates are June 5th to Dec 2nd. So will the CBP consider 6 months or 180 days?? Last time they were here they got the visa stamped until oct 14th from April 15th which was more than 180 days but 6 months , But i heard recently its not the case. can someone help. Will they have any issue ???