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  1. preparing my documents? Is it something other than the regular documents like passport, visa copies, I797 etc. Because, till date they did not email me asking for my documents and I did not send them any. @lajjagupta
  2. Hi, I got a FTE recently and the client applied for LCA which is certified. When asked about the H1 transfer process what they said was: "We will be getting your petition this week and will be filing the transfer next week". What does that mean? Usually during full time roles is there any other process which goes on between LCA certification and H1 Transfer initiation?
  3. Hi, I got a Full Time position and they said that they received the email for LCA but waiting for it to be certified. I know it does take 7 business days for the LCA to be certified. But After submitting the LCA online through portal do we get the Case number same day or after few days? And after getting the case number how many days will it usually take for it to be certified? Regards,