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  1. rohitsharma54

    L1-B petition after 240 days

    No i think you will have to go back, still check with your company. Let me know what they say as even my L1-B is filed for extension?
  2. Hi, My L1-B extension is filed at California center on 1st week of March 2019. My PED was 9th Apr and I-94 validity is till Mar 2021. In my case the client , location as well as specialized knowledge had changed and so was concerned about what are my chances of getting it ? Also any idea how much time they take to provide the decision. If anyone has experienced similar situation please do reply.
  3. rohitsharma54

    L1B Individual stay beyond 240 days

    you will have to return once your 240 days have passed, unless there is a premium receipt notice that gives you additional time, which I doubt.
  4. rohitsharma54

    L1 Processing time

    Answers: 1. Depends on which center it is applied. 2. You can work upto 240 days after your receipt date 3. only way you can do is by converting it to premium. By the way which center did you submit your application?
  5. rohitsharma54

    L1B Extension denied, can i change to F1

    can you let me know when did u file for your extn and how much time did it take? As I have also filed for my L1-B extension in 1st week of Mar 2019 at California Center and waiting for result?
  6. rohitsharma54

    L1 B Individual Location Change

    Location change will definitely require amendment. Still check with your company as they might have the correct info as to what needs to be done.
  7. rohitsharma54

    Expired L1B visa and valid i94

    Even mine is the same case. You need to file for extension based on the I129 PED. I hope you might have done by now, otherwise it won't be a right thing to work, even though you might stay till I94 date. do let me know. Regards, Rohit