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  1. Thank you for your reply. So are you saying I can book my appointment using existing DS-160; then fill a brand new DS-160 reflecting my visa extension, prior to my visa interview?
  2. I am hoping to schedule a visa appointment in Mumbai in the month of July 2019. I have completed a DS-160 form with my current H1B I-797 approval notice, which is valid through September 7th 2019. However, my employer is now filing an extension using premium processing. - Is it possible for me to set up an appointment using my current DS-160 form, so I am able to secure an interview in the month of July? Then, once I receive my new I-797, could I change or submit a new DS-160 reflecting the extension, prior to my July visa appointment? - Alternatively, do I have to wait for my extension to come through before setting up a visa appointment (I am worried I would risk losing my desired July interview date.)? Thank you in advance for your input.