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  1. Hi, I got my h1 extension filed in June 2018, got the approval in Oct 2018. My I94 is valid till Aug 2021. But during the h1 extension approval process, I had to change the project and I have filed amendment. I got my amendment RFE and with that I got an Intent to revoke from USCIS on 2nd April 2019 on the approved extension, the reason being my employer filed my extension saying he is not h1 dependent but his records doesnt say so, USCIS gave 30 day notice. Now I have filed my h1 transfer on premium queue with all the documents from the current ongoing project, I'll be recieving the receipt by end of this week. My questions are:- 1. Can my old employer withdraw my h1 petition? 2. Can I continue to work with my current client with H1 transfer receipt? 3. What happens if my old h1 petition gets revoked by USCIS by May 1st week? 4. My I140 is in RFE as well, can my new employer port it? 5. Do I need to wait till the approval to tell my current employer about my resignation? 6. If USCIS revokes my old petition, does that impact my next h1 transfer petition or any visa stamping in future?