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  1. Thank you very much for your replies @shekar11 and @SPV. I was considering making an Infopass appointmemt at a nearby center to discuss the situation and try and correct if necessary. But if you all think that this should not be a problem, then I will continue with same. Thanks a lot.
  2. I was working on H1B with I797 approval valid till June 30, 2019. My spouse had approved EB2 I-140 petition. Based on that I-140, on 3/6/19, I applied for future dated change of status to H4-EAD from July 1, 2019 concurrently with spouse's H1B extension in premium. On 3/16/19, I received my H4 and EAD approval notices and the validity dates are as follows Change of status to H4: Valid from date - 3/6/2019 Notice date - 3/11/2019 EAD approval date notice: Valid from date - 3/11/2019 Notice date - 3/11/2019 So, that means that from 3/6/19 to 3/11/19, I was on H4 without an EAD, although there was no way for me to know that until 3/16/19. I was working during this period thinking that I was on H1B (as I had not yet received the new approval notices till 3/16/19). So, will this period cause a problem for me while trying to get future immigration benefits? What is the best way for me to fix this?