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    PERM Filing for First Job out of College

    My question is about the possibility of my application being rejected for being “weak”. The lawyers in my company are recommending against filing, so at this point I’m trying to understand my options.
  2. i have a bachelors from a US univ and began working after graduation as a software engineer in a mnc. I am on h1b which started about 2 yrs ago. My employer wants to file a PERM application for EB3, but the company lawyers reached out to me and said the experience i had prior to joining the company wasnt good enough to make a successful application since they were largely internships. They said my on the job experience wont be counted as part of the application, and a software engineer beginner role was something that citizens can be hired for, therefore, i have a weak application. what are my options going forward? What help can i ask of my employer at this point in time? Thank you in advance for any advice provided