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  1. My OPT STEM extension is under processing and my current employer (let's say company A) and another employer (let's say company B) has filed for my H-1B, the other employer's application has been picked up in the lottery and not sure if my current employer's application is picked up in the lottery. My current job and position are a little better compared to the other offer I have, but since I know that the H-1B application for company B is already picked up, I can't risk losing not joining that company B. So, can I take a vacation at my current employer and go and join company B and within no more than about a month I will come to know if my H-1B at company A got picked up in the lottery or not and also understand if I fit well in company B. So, that I can make more informed decision. I am currently on OPT with EAD expiring in couple of weeks but applied for OPT stem extension (received receipt notice I-797 form allowing me to work for next 180 days), can you please suggest if it is legally permissible to do the above or will I be violating any rules? Secondly the company A and company B are in different states, will that be a issue?