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  1. BTN

    L2 and L2 EAD

    Hi, L2 and L2 EAD applied in Vermont processing center on 23rd Aug 2018 while L1 extension was submitted in California center. Recently decision has been made in california center as approved on May 5th 2019. Dependent L2 extension and L2 EAD has been reassigned to california center on april 11th 2019. How long will it take for them to approved L2 extension.and L2 EAD. ?
  2. My case is on premium mode. RFE response has been filed on 24th April . My 240 days is expiring on 27th April 2019. Please let me know if i have to leave US or can stay in grace period of 30 days on LOP
  3. I am on L1 B Individual received RFE after upgraded to Premium mode. I was told RFE response will be filed just before 240 days and was asked to stay in USA on Loss of Pay till the response time period (max of 30 days). Is this stay fine or will there be any issue in future visa's for having overstayed or do I need to leave US on or before 240 days even after filing the RFE response. Kindly confirm.