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    H1B Amendment Query

    Hi, My original (first) petition was approved for Client A location X but I never worked in US for this Client. Later I was assigned another project and hence I had to work for Client B location Y. Before I started working for Client B, I had applied for H1B Amendment for which I got RFE after 10 months and after RFE response it got Denied and the whole process took almost 18 months. Due to this denial I return back to India and reapplied again for the same Client B and location Y but this time it was filed with a different designation as per our employer`s attorney. Yesterday I received an email from USCIS and I have again received an RFE. I am yet to receive the RFE copy and not sure about what is this RFE for. My I-94 is valid till Aug 2019 and below is my question: 1. What happens next if my H1B Amendment for Client B and location Y again gets rejected, even after providing all the required evidence? 2. Are there any chances of getting banned or blacklist after 2nd rejection of H1B Amendment? 3. Can I apply for H1B Amendment for another Client (let`s say Client C)? 4. What should be my H1 status at this moment? 5. What are the other options available?