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  1. My profile: H1b Visa Stamping on my passport expiration date- July 15th 2018 Changed to client ABC in November 2017 and applied for amendemnt + extension. Amendement + Extension petition approved till November 30, 2018 Changed to client XYZ in September 2018 and filed amendement + extension. My petition was denied. Refiled amendment + extension for XYZ client again and got approval. No change of employer. i am planning to go to India for Visa Stamping. Would i be eligible for drop box since my petition was approved after a denial ?? Also, when i checked eligibility criteria for US Visa Drop Box i meet all criteria except for one(below) which i am not sure if the answer is a YES or NO considering my denial before an approval. "I have no refusals for a visa in any class after my most recent visa issuance" Any input on this is appreciated. Thanks in advance.