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  1. Thank you for the response. I’ll post experience, if my travel materializes. Thanks !
  2. Hello Team, I moved from TX to NC in Aug 2017. I’m a FTE. My H1B visa on passport expired on 24th May 2018 My H1B petition was accordingly amended after move in 2017 and filed along with extension and got approved until Mid Aug 2020 . It was filed for my home location as primary and an office location in NC as secondary. I work from home(WFH) 99% of the time and visit TX office and rarely NC office. I am planning to go to India, Chennai this month April 2019. I’m eligible for drop box, if submitted before May 24th 2019. Question 1: DS-160 has question for “Where do you intend to work”. Address fields are followed by Employer Name. No capability to add additional address. Please advise my home or NC office address? Question 2: How are the experiences for Dropbox in Chennai in recent days ? Should you know, please share some insights. I’ve gotten stamping for H1 extension multiple times. Since this is my first time in a WFH scenario, I’m looking for similar experiences and/or advise in that. Also is it better to get stamped while I can via Dropbox than Personal Appearance/Interview? Thanks in advance for your responses! ~ Madhu