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  1. Rameshvsurapaneni

    H1B visa stamping Transfer scenario

    Also i am going to india for marriage & my fiance need to go for H4 visa interview. Does that cause any issue as we have different petitioner names on Visa stamp??
  2. Rameshvsurapaneni

    H1B visa stamping Transfer scenario

    I have valid H1B visa stamping until December 2020 but unfortunately i was laid off from my previous employer. I found a new job within 60 days & transferred my H1B visa. Transfer is already approved but i was wondering if i still need to go for visa stamping if i need to go to india??
  3. Rameshvsurapaneni

    H1B RFE(elaborate the responsibilities)

    My H1B transfer petition received an RFE & here are the documents USCIS is requesting a) provide a brief description of your project and elaborate the responsibilities mentioned in the vendor letter with the % of time spent on them per week b) Weekly work reports from start of this project till we respond to your RFE Does anyone have sample format that USCIS is expecting for responsibilities??