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  1. Hi, I am not sure if I am eligible for H1B stamping via "dropbox". Could you please help. Below is my case: 1) Started on H1B (from F1 - OPT) while staying in US in October 2015, with employer AAA. I-797 was valid till Aug 2018. Went to India in 2016, July to get H1B stamped, and that Visa stamp has validity date till August 2018 (same as AAA I-797). 2) Left job at AAA in Feb. 2017 , and changed my status from H1B (with in 60 day "grace period") to F2 dependent (approved in Aug 2017), while staying in US. I assume at some point employer AAA would have informed USCIS that I am no longer working with them. 3) Got another job and new employer BBB filed H1B in October 2017, got new I-797 valid from Oct 2017 till Sep 2020. And now I am planning to go to India , for first time after 2016 to get my passport stamped. My question is: 1) Since my passport had stamp that has validity date of Aug 2018, would this still be considered as visa valid with in one year. Or since I resigned in Feb 2017, and assuming employer AAA would have withdrawn visa at some point later - Feb 2017 would be considered as my last validity date. If the date on stamped visa is considered as last visa valid date then I guess I am eligible for dropbox? 2) Since I never got F2 stamped, and was in US while COS from H1B to F2 to H1b, I guess I could still say my last valid visa was H1B? Given the case above - am I eligible for dropbox?