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  1. Thank you. Just to clarify: if I start working in Singapore before 10/1/2019, and return to work in the US in 2020, my H1B clock will start only then, correct?
  2. Hello all, I am currently working in the US on my F1-OPT. My employer has applied for my H1B visa through change of status with premium processing. Q1. Assuming that my application gets through the lottery and my H1B is approved, when does the 'clock' on my 6-year duration start ticking i.e. when do I start accruing time on my H1B visa? a. As soon as it gets approved i.e. my visa status changes from F1-OPT to H1B automatically once H1B is approved, irrespective of whether I am in the US at that time <or> b. Only after I re-enter the US on my H1B visa. Q2. My employer is offering me a 12-24 month assignment in Singapore this year. If I accept (and my H1B gets approved in the meanwhile), will I be able to return to the US and work on the H1B visa? If yes, are there any restrictions or constraints I should be aware of? Will I still get the full 6 year term? Thanks very much, everyone! Best, v