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  1. srs1610

    DUI on STEM OPT , H1b filed by employer

    @xTDxSuppose that i receive a RFE for either one , does my case needs to closed ( convicted or dismissed) by that time to submit the supporting documents. Since my hearing is in June , its not excepted that the result would come until 4-6 months at the least .
  2. Hello , I am currently in the first year of STEM OPT (F1 visa) working for 10 months . I was arrested two days back on 04/14/2019 for DUI at 0.13 and over speeding at 31 mph in Kansas . I was kept for 18 hrs before i was released . My court hearing is in June . My employer has filled for H1-b , and i am submitting my STEM extension documents this week . I plan to hire a DUI attorney . I have a few questions. 1) Will i get an RFE on my STEM Extension / H1-b if picked? 2) what is the best outcome the attorney should negotiate with the prosecutor in such a case . Do’s and Dont’s for me till June .