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  1. Hi all, Greetings to all. I have a couple of questions with regards to filing taxes and receiving pension in India. 1. We plan to apply for OCI card once we get our citizenship. We do not have a residence in USA and we will be mostly residents of India. 2. Where do we file ourtaxes on the SS benefits that we would receive + the pension my husband receives in India. 3. Will MY SS benefits be reduced as I receive govt. pension in India Would appreciate if someone can answer my questions. Regards
  2. hema123

    Speeding tickets

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  3. hema123

    Speeding tickets

    Hi greetings to all, I have a question regarding the traffic tickets I had in the past. I am due to file my N-400 in Jul 19. I was told by a friend that any outstanding tickets the last 5 years may be a concern. The last ticket I has was only in Jun 12 so its beyond the 5 year period. However I believe they have a question in N-400 if I had ever a speeding ticket and I believe I will have to provide details like when I got it, is it from the city police/trooper, county I got the citation etc. I had some 4 tickets in all all before 2012 and I do not remember any details or do I have them. I did not know that they would be required at the N-400 filing time. How can I handle this issue. Can I just say that I had these and leave the other particulars blank. There are nothing outstanding i.e I have not paid or something like that. Thanks in advance. A quick replay would be highly appreciated.